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The fourth chakra, located in the chest is the centre of love, compassion and beauty.

Our heart chakra is where we have our sense of self-love, gratitude and acceptance.  

When unbalanced we feel despair, resistance, jealousy, closed and judgemental.  

Wear the bracelet to channel the energy of your heart chakra to feel and share love, bringing kindness, inner happiness, understanding, forgiveness and peace to yourself and others.  


Colour: Green

Mantra: Yam

Element: Air

Asana: Ustrasana

Crystal: Aventurine

Affirmation: I give and receive love unconditionally


The adjustable green chord bracelet features a silver or 9ct gold frosted bead and 7mm aventurine beads, the gemstone of prosperity, abundance and luck.  

Heart Chakra Bracelet

  • There are no refunds or returns available on chord bracelets.  

  • Items are sent Signed For

    Bailiwick - £3.00

    UK, IOM, Jersey - £4.00

    Rest of World - Starting at £11.00


    Collection is free.

    We aim to fulfill your order within 7 working days, you will then receive confirmation of shipping.  

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